Dojo Contact

(Noboru Kataoka): (347) 683-1074
Email: Kataoka Sensei

Dojo’s Address

Jan Hus Church, 5th floor Gym
351 East 74th Street, New York, NY 10021
Church Phone Number: (212) 288-6743


Tuesday & Thursday
Beginner/Basic KENDO: 6:00PM-7:45PM
Advance KENDO: 7:45PM-8:45P


IAIDO: 2:30PM-3:30PM
Beginner/Basic KENDO: 3:30PM-4:45PM
Advance KENDO: 4:45PM-6:15PM

How to begin practicing Kendo

Kataoka Sensei is the teacher for all classes.
(The beginner/basic class is for participants of all levels.)

Monthly fee:
$110.00 per month

(plus sales tax 8.875%=$119.80)

Equipment: practice sword (‘Shinai’- can be purchased for $30-35)
Clothing: loose athletic wear, no footwear.

Subway / Bus / Parking:

-Take the 6 train to 77th Street, and walk east three blocks
to 74th st. church near 1st ave.
-From Crosstown: M72, M79, or M30 to 1st Ave and 74th St.
-From Downtown: M98, M101, M102, or M103 up 3rd Ave to 72nd St or
the M15 on 1st Ave.
-From Uptown: M15 down 2nd Ave.
-Street parking is available.